Current Price List:

INVENTORY £80 £95 £105 £120 £130
CHECK IN £70 £75 £85 £95 £100
COMBINED INVENTORY & CHECK IN £110 £130 £145 £165 £175
 MID TERM INSPECTION £65 £70 £75 £85 £95
 CHECK OUT £80 £90 £95 £100 £105

Extra Rooms are charged at £10 per room. These would typically include: Bedroom, Garage, Shed, Study, additional En-Suite, Loft, Conservatory, Spas or Sauna

Inventory Report

It is essential that an independent property inventory is carried out prior to the commencement of any let, so that if a dispute arises accusations of bias cannot be levelled against the landlord or the letting agent.

Our inventory reports list all items included in the let whilst also noting any existing damage. We list the appliances and furnishings as well as the general condition of the property, thus setting the standard for which the property should be maintained and returned. Meter readings are noted and over 100 photographs (for 2+ bed apartments) are taken to guarantee accuracy.

We provide a fair, objective and impartial record of the general internal condition of the property and its contents. Where necessary, we also provide a general overview of the condition of the property’s external elements.

Video Walkthrough:
Unlike other inventory firms, we will also provide you with a room by room video walkthrough of the apartment or house. This helps put the associated photos and surveyors’ comments into context and could prove invaluable if required as evidence to resolve a dispute.

Final Report:
We will email our report to you within 3 working days.
We will also send our report and the associated documents on a PC compatible disc direct to your office. The disc will include:

• Our Report in PDF format
• All photographs, at their original size and categorised by room.
• Video walkthrough

Check In

Our check in service includes the following:
• Meeting your tenant at the property upon day of move in with our completed inventory report.
• Our inventory clerk will go through the inventory room by room and show the tenant where the utility meters are, readings of which we have already noted.
• The tenant will be issued with the inventory report to be signed.

Mid Term Check

This interim check aims to give you an instant snap shot of your property’s condition. The Mid Term Report comes highly recommended as this identifies any potential issues that can arise later on in the tenancy.
It is also recommended if a tenant renews their contract, and the landlord wants to know the state of the property before they do so.

Check Out

At the end of the tenancy we will re-inspect your property taking the tenant (if present) around the property and record any changes to the original Inventory Report.
As well as the property condition we also note and photograph utility meter readings.